Cat and Mouse

You walk into the dining room

where the cat crouches under the table.

You whisper "Bad kitty, bad pussycat,

bad  kitty," sing-song soft and sweet

as you kneel down nude and glance

under the table. You croon "come on,

pussycat, bad kitty, bad pussy,"

while I cringe, drained and exhausted,

on the living room sofa as the cat

backs away, then suddenly stands

on tip-top, all the hairs on its tail

and coat electrified erect as it

dances sideways into the living room

and you come lunging after, pounce

down on me, your teeth at my throat,

the rest of me swallowed inside you,

purring, "I'm not done with you."


you paw and bat and bounce

me around for the rest of the night