If you were Annie Oakley and I were the lone lone Ranger

If we were outlaws


If you were Silver and I was Hi-Ho

If you can get out and I can sneak out


If you wear feathers and I wear a black mask

If you steal into the dream vault and I surprise the guards


If you scream stick-up and I demand feet spread wide apart

If you cock the pistol and I shoot out closed circuit tv


If you know the combination and I turn the slow tumblers

If you keep a quiet lookout and I crack the safe


If you open the tremulous door and I push breathlessly in

If you steal into me the way I steal into you


If we get away with each other

If we run hard fast and smooth


If we come to the first river and cross it

If we ride downstream with the river


If we cover our tracks and get lost

If we never look back