Waterworld Drone


lightning thunder rain I keep driving 

through hard rain and still more

unrelenting rain, sheet lightning, thunder

I get home splash through rivers of water

on the sidewalk, bowling ball thunder 

stinging  rain jagged lightning I walk inside 

after yesterday's last heavy rain soaked

down to bones, shoe squish kitchen floor,

and still more rain thunder lightning....



rages of rain rattle window panes and roars

rain down on the tin roof of the side porch

where I find you recumbent on the day bed

open mouthed and nude  and spasmodic

rain screens through open porch windows

splish-splashing  you wet and undulating

sprays of rain blossom sweet rain

after fierce yesterday thunder storm

tears of rain and rain weep so I strip 

soggy clothes push open windows higher

join you in open rain and more rain....



splash bodies dance and drive and drift

dreamy after yesterday's heavy rain 

splish rain spray slide as mountains

of warm rain collide shift move quake

and you splash wide open and leap

 out of bed and dance to the porch door

explode outside peals of thunder

lightning cracks and wild rain torrential

Valkyrie goddess in naked blitzkrieg thunder....



after yesterday's flood I know you're leaving

won't be back, somebody else, going gone

leaving me stranded on high ground

whole world flooded around my remorse

an island of dry intellect so I follow 

you after the flood and everything naked

one last dance in fierce nordic rain 

after thunderous rivers of whirl and twirl

the whole jagged world flooded with lightning 

after the last heavy rain....



open all windows and let neighbors watch

us dance one last time in nails of rain 

going going gone around the tulip bed

the whole world flooded with someone else 

and you won't be back to roll in thick mud

blue lightning, white thunder,  hard rain 

falling leaving won't be back....



we roll one last time in nails of mud and sex

jagged whole rain world flooded in lightning 

burst rain and torrential outburst roses

we roll through thorn lightning, thunder 

dance of rain all around and over us

mud rain and more rhododendron rain 

one last roll in the rain....



and the whole world floods muddy  sex

with ball lightning nailed in thunder, a rain dance

over our whole flood world of mud and sex

this exquisite rain and more rain coming 

down on the whole world swimming in sex

splish-splash taking one last bath

before the whole world drowns.