Pig Driving Drone


long drive home filled with hot lead watch out 

for troopers yeah what I said 

on the long drive home looks like 

I'm dead dreaming drift dying 

get feds drone drive home 

pig in my head wallows down

old road delusion 

paint town red

on long drive home 

I want to be fed



watch out for radar gun get place clean

dream drift dying to call Ginny Jean

watch out unmarked cars 

invite her over old trails of delusion 

make exotic dinner watch out for cops

talk about her boyfriend same boring path

get her drunk watch out slow down horny

oink boink



dream drift dying slow burn

steady flame hot crackle old delusion

road flare pop flame dream drift 

die quickly sudden suicidal same boring

road rage path fuck you asshole swine

dream drift die to smash pound slam punch

punch again treadmill speeds up

nose jaw gut eye ear throat

dream drift dying to see you

do it again sucker

of dead corkscrew cock



ancient road delusion oh you betrayed

 long-suffering martyred pig same boring

path sweet innocent whining swine 

chauvinist road of delusion oh you poor

castrated crucified misogynist treadmill

wallows poor lonely impotent

hater of old delusion oh yes women wicked

 unfaithful evil day in and day out

blame woman your old delusion oh you poor

whining wimp



same boring hog uncover

her like a treadmill speeds up

unbutton her same boring hog

unsnap her day in hog day

out unbuckle her same

boring pig unzip her

on the long drive home

undress her same

boring swine unleash



like a treadmill speeds up

thunder lightning rain

wallow day in day out rain

more rain like a treadmill

wallow splash slash sheets

on the long drive home jagged

crackle boom treadmill speeds up

close windows watch out for troopers

high winds tornado warning flash flood

treadmill speeds up

whole world delusion



day in day out boar soft slow

on long drive home boar down in

day in day out in boar almost out

watch out for trooper sow up down

deep suckling day in day out sweet

juicy barrow dream drift die tight 

hog thick day in day out boar

pig smooth silky swine