white puffy stuff curving 

fluffy white stairs enormous 

cone of cotton clouds where


now I lay me down

where someone dies 

spiral up into air


swing around and around 

something weird going

on in front of the wheel


man with mustache scowl

on his face cop car

coming down opposite lane


over speed limit too late

to slow down flashing lights

in rearview mirror here we go


pray the Lord my soul to keep

again around around up down 

in out get ready get set


if I live for other days

here we come what where

nuts bizarre yikes


can't get out now what

come and get it

if you really want it


make me good in all my ways

because you ain't got it

and you're really gonna get it


because I got it got it? get it

if I die before I wake

in the car with Margie


teasing and joking age

her hand on my leg her

full voluptuous breasts


she doesn't like her boyfriend

in bed with Lynn on NPR

between legs below pleasure


for constant greenhouse sex effect

of blue roses making it

slick and stroke soft black down


lick Utopian end of Cold War as Berlin Wall

falls down and cop says you were going eighty-three

in a seventy-five